Dr. Dominick Ianora Testimonials

Testimonials About Bayonne Dentist, Dr. Dominick Ianora

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Bayonne, New Jersey. Read what our patients are saying about us below.

Dr. Ianora and his staff are consummate professionals. When I go to the dentist
I feel as though I am going to a spa. The office is very welcoming and the care
is exceptional. After not going to the dentist for awhile and feeling that I
might be in danger of losing some teeth. Dr. Ianora and his staff gave me back
my smile. They offer superior treatment and I feel as though I have improved my
health because of it. I was recommended to this office by a good friend and I
would gladly recommend this office to anyone. They are the best!

- Angela K.

I want to say "thank you" and tell you how truly happy and satisfied I am with the dental work you have done for me. Walking out of your office on the last visit, I felt amazing. When I first walked into your office I had a swollen face and fear. Your caring, kindness and talking to me every step of the way made me completely trust you. Each time I came I felt more and more relaxed in your chair. You took away my pain and fear. and gave me back my smile! Thank you to your staff too, always ready to help in any way they can! Happy summer to all!

- Maria M.

Dear Dr. Ianora & Iwona, Thank you for being so nice and for also being the best dentist ever. Iwona, it's so nice when you are always there during my nervous time in the dental chair...I could go on and on you are the best dentist. Thank you for always being there for me. God Bless All.

- Mary Ann M.

Dear Dr. Ianora, I had a loose tooth. It fell out on the 19th. And I pulled my tooth out and it started to bleed and it burned but it went away.

- Miranda, Age 6

Dr. Ianora, Thank you for the great care that you have given me for the last 25 years! I am still in awe of the talent and professionalism of you and your staff!

- Frank P.

Hi Doc,
Tell Peggy my teeth still have no tartar collected on teeth, I'm flossing everywhere I go in the house and at the restaurants, too!
See you in December...
Love, Karen

- Karen T.